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Learn To Speak Italian

Italian tuition for the complete beginner through to advanced conversation.

Learn to speak Italian with 1:1 tuition, in small groups or join one of the weekly classes.

Covering Lowestoft, Gt.yarmouth and surrounding areas.

Learning “la lingua italiana” with a native Italian will be more beneficial to you. Italian courses designed to meet your needs and ability. Lessons moving forward at a pace that will never leave you feeling out of your depth or left behind.

Leave “parrot fashion” Italian for the local college. Learn Italian in a way that will leave you confident and inspired. Ready to take your new skill from the classroom to Italy.

Gorleston Italian Lessons – FlaviaItalia

Oulton Italian Lessons – FlaviaItalia

Student Testimonials

  • We are very much enjoying leaning Italian with Flavia. She has many special qualities, among them are great patience and a good sense of humor. The lessons are always fun which makes learning Italian very pleasurable. Flavias teaching skills are excellent, she is able to tailor the sessions to our individual needs and learning abilities. We regard Flavia as a good friend as well as our teacher. If you were considering learning Italian we can highly recommend Flavia.

    The Harrisons, private students, Lowestoft, Suffolk

  • I have just started an Italian course with Flavia and I am enjoying it immensely. My husband is Italian and he has tried teaching me but, the scenario ends up very much the same as a Husband trying to teach his wife to drive a car, not productive! Flavia has quickly built my confidence to enable me not to be scared to ‘have a go’ at speaking, after all that’s why I joined the class in the first place! I feel relaxed enough that I can put my hand up and ask for things to be explained as many times as necessary until I understand it . Flavia presents her classes clearly with professional confidence and has the flexibility to gauge time spent on each topic so that everyone understands it before moving on to something new. I am able to work at a pace that suits me because I and everyone else are treated as individuals. The course content is good, handouts have been provided, I participate in class and I have the opportunity to practice the language I am learning with my fellow students. I have been provided with techniques and ideas on how to reinforce my learning both in and out of the classroom. This will ensure that I get as much out of my classes as I can. With Flavia’s continued support and flair for teaching , I am looking forward to being able to speak Italian confidently and fluently.

    Karen from Lowestoft Suffolk (Oulton)

  • If you have even wanted to learn Italian but have not plucked up the courage, come along to one of Flavia’s classes. Starting with simple phrases to build confidence, Flavia takes you through the various stages of speaking, reading and writing that make learning Italian great fun.

    Sally, Lowestoft Suffolk (private lesson)

  • We are currently attending a beginner’s course in Italian at Oulton Community Centre and feel we are very fortunate to be students of Flavia’s. We can confidently give her an unreserved recommendation to anyone wishing to learn Italian. She is a very pleasant, friendly lady who made us feel at ease from the moment we met her. She has produced a very well-structured course with a good balance of oral and written work. She is patient and very considerate towards all her students showing a keen perception of her awareness of each student as an individual. Her course is built on a strong element of repetition and reinforcement at every stage yet she still manages to sustain a good pace so that her students are gently driven forward and are aware of making progress. Homework is set and every encouragement is given for students to revise in between sessions – thereby taking responsibilty for their own progress. We feel we have made a sound start as a result of her excellent tuition and can honestly say that we look forward every week to our next lesson.

    Roly and Ursula Abbott, Lowestoft, Suffolk

  • I have been attending Italian classes with Flavia for more than 2 years. The classes are very informative and friendly. Flavia is always on hand to help and advice. I would not hesitate to recommend Flavia’s Italian classes to anyone.

    Paula King, Gorleston, Norfolk

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