student testimonial 20

I have just started an Italian course with Flavia and I am enjoying it immensely. My husband is Italian and he has tried teaching me but, the scenario ends up very much the same as a Husband trying to teach his wife to drive a car, not productive! Flavia has quickly built my confidence to enable me not to be scared to ‘have a go’ at speaking, after all that’s why I joined the class in the first place! I feel relaxed enough that I can put my hand up and ask for things to be explained as many times as necessary until I understand it . Flavia presents her classes clearly with professional confidence and has the flexibility to gauge time spent on each topic so that everyone understands it before moving on to something new. I am able to work at a pace that suits me because I and everyone else are treated as individuals. The course content is good, handouts have been provided, I participate in class and I have the opportunity to practice the language I am learning with my fellow students. I have been provided with techniques and ideas on how to reinforce my learning both in and out of the classroom. This will ensure that I get as much out of my classes as I can. With Flavia’s continued support and flair for teaching , I am looking forward to being able to speak Italian confidently and fluently.

Karen from Lowestoft Suffolk (Oulton)